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The Solution
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These Ranking Reports
give you certainty about your
Portfolio of Investment Funds performance.

This service is aimed at giving you confidence
that your Investment Provider is doing a good job with your money.

You can find out if your portfolio provider is among the top performers. 

We aim to do this by comparing the performance of Investment Providers within
your region and giving you a report showing how your Investment Provider ranks.

We achieve the ranking reports with your co-operation. 
You need to supply your performance data to join all other subscribers' performance data.

This is about your future spending money.

If you own managed funds typically supplied through an investment adviser 
as part of a larger team at many levels, then this is for you. 

Whether you have a small retirement nest-egg or a large portfolio,
isn’t it your most valuable asset deserving of proper maintenance?

This will help you identify if you are comfortable with your choices and whether or not you need to take action.

Many commentators and industry participants including government have identified the need for this service.

Generally, consumers have easy access to product comparisons in most industries. In the financial services industry, Kiwisaver funds are ranked and Funds of Funds are ranked. Results are publicly available. 

The Portfolio of Managed Funds sector is just one that has slipped through the markets without consumer performance assessment. We believe strongly that a performance ranking should be available. 

So Sign Up then Subscribe to find out how well or poorly your portfolio is doing.

"How do I know if my portfolio performance 
is good or poor?"

"Who is a good investment provider?"

"How can I compare my results?"

Just a few percent extra can make significant dollar differences over time. 

Your choice of provider is your most important investment decision.

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